How many pictures will we receive?

A. Although I do not guarantee a specific number of images, I strive to capture no less than 30 photos. On average, I usually capture 50 or more images per hour session, but instances occur. During a portrait session, I can help coax you into a great shot. But i can’t make an unhappy baby look happy!

How should we dress for our family session?

A. It is your session! You can dress how you see fit! Take the weather into accout and make sure everyone will be cool/ warm enough depending on the season.
If it is winter and you are hoping to get some pictures without jackets, make sure to put some thin layers under your chosen outfit. You can always take layers off but can't add them if you don't have them!

What’s the best time to have a session with a newborn?

A. New born sessions are best during the first week-6 weeks.
At this stage you can prepare to feed them right before the session or during setup time, that way they will be asleep for the most part and that's when you get all the cute poses we love so much!